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UltraMount GSM 4000
UltraMount GSM 4000

Vexcel Imaging

The UltraMount GSM 4000 features high efficiency at high payloads. The hydraulic system of the UltraMount GSM 4000 contains four cylinders and two servo pumps and gu

NSM 400 front view
NSM 400


The NSM 400 is a medium-sized gimbal between the smaller RSM 400 and the larger OSM 4000 and complements the SOMAG product portfolio of Gyro Stabilization Platforms,

OSM 4000 Offshore Stabilization Mount
OSM 4000


The OSM 4000 is a two-axis gimbal for precise sensor stabilization in harsh marine and land environments. The gyro mount ensures high-quality data capturing and a st

UltraMount SteadyTrack LG
UltraMount SteadyTrack LG

Vexcel Imaging

The UltraMount SteadyTrack LG dynamically counterbalances arbitrary rotational movements in aircraft and stabilizes the camera during the exposure for the best possi

P3 Payload
P3 Payload

Phase One

The Phase One P3 Payload provides a customizable solution for all your inspection needs. Choose your drone, your camera, and your lens, from our selection, to get al

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