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Phoenix LiDAR Systems FlightPlanner

We’re Proud to Offer Flight Planner as a Free, Web-Based Service to All Phoenix Lidar Clients

Calculate your flight plan, review estimated LiDAR data quality, and upload a terrain-following KMZ directly to your UAV… before you fly.

Explore the effects that different parameters have on your data before you fly. Estimate your data quality and reduce costs by experimenting with various flight paths, altitudes, and other variables using the Phoenix Flight Planner.

  • Phoenix LiDAR Systems FlightPlanner
Phoenix LiDAR Systems
2113 Wells Branch Pkwy, Building 1, Suite 4000
78728 Austin
United States


LiDAR data is heavily affected by sensor, altitude, terrain, and more. Using the Flight Planner tool, Phoenix customers can save time and money by planning missions before going into the field.

  • Calculate your flight plan based on your area of interest (AOI).
  • Estimate your LiDAR swath and point density based on terrain, speed, and more.
  • Anticipate MTA zones that may affect data quality, especially in uneven terrain.
  • Upload a terrain-following KMZ directly to your UAV.


  • Application
  • Is compatible with Lidar sensors
  • Is compatible with Arial camera's
  • Flight planning
    Yes, Fixed AGL and Terrain Following
  • Configurable sensor parameters and settings
    Pulse repetition rate, lines per second, RPM, trigger interval, etc.
  • Configurable data capturing parameters and settings
    Field of view, forward and lateral overlap, AGL, etc.
  • Use and import of external data
    KMZ regions of interest for planning
  • Project management and cost estimation
    Time in flight, coverage estimates, etc.
  • Flight guidance
    Exportable flight plans for automated UAV flights or piloted navigation aid
  • Check of completeness
    Point density estimates, image coverage, etc.

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