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Flight Planning and Management Software for Manned Aviation

Flight planning and management software
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Simplify site planning and reduce the time you spend on the field by up to 9x
3Dsurvey Pilot


Automate your aerial site mapping and mission planning and save up to 90% of your time spent on the field. Gather data with cm-grade precision and eliminate the need

Leica FlightPro
Leica FlightPro Flight Management & Control System

Leica Geosystems Airborne Solutions

Leica FlightPro is a state-of-the art flight management and sensor control system that makes survey flights more effective and effortless for Leica Geosystems airbor

Leica MissionPro
Leica MissionPro Flight Planning Software

Leica Geosystems Airborne Solutions

Leica MissionPro is best in airborne mission planning, takes it to the next dimension with the new 3D virtual global view. Enhanced features add new flexibility and

Phoenix FlightPlanner Flight planning management -Compare with Similar Products on

Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Calculate your flight plan, review estimated LiDAR data quality, and upload a terrain-following KMZ directly to your UAV… before you fly.

Explore the effects that


Lead'Air, Inc.

The OMNITRACK is a combination of the very well-known Track’AirTM X-Track software and new hardware that covers all aspects of an airborne acquisition project from p

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