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Rowe Technologies Inc. SeaPILOT and OEM DVL

The SeaPILOT 300 kHz, 600 kHz, and 1200 kHz models are Rowe Technology’s most versatile DVLs. They use Rowe’s acoustic Doppler Piston (DP) technology and are well-suited for navigation applications in shallow water or in deep water, down …

  • Rowe Technologies Inc. SeaPILOT and OEM DVL
Rowe Technologies Inc.
12655 Danielson Ct., Suite 306
92064 Poway
United States


The SeaPILOT 300 kHz, 600 kHz, and 1200 kHz models are Rowe Technology’s most versatile DVLs. They use Rowe’s acoustic Doppler Piston (DP) technology and are well-suited for navigation applications in shallow water or in deep water, down to 6000M. The SeaPILOT’s compact size, extended range, and precision make it an ideal solution for ROVs, AUVs, and other submersible platforms.

SeaPILOT comes in 3 different frequencies (300 kHz, 600 kHz, and 1200 kHz), all configured with Doppler Piston transducers, and available in different depth package options.

The SeaPILOT OEM 300 kHz and 600 kHz models are available as an OEM configuration. They offer the same outstanding performance as the standard DVL package, but meet custom packaging requirements as found in small AUVs and submersibles.

SeaPILOT OEM consists of an electronics board stack and four Doppler Piston transducers). Doppler Piston transducers are manufactured as separate elements and are not potted into the AUV housing. This facilitates easy installation and repair (6-inch AUV housing shown with machined “pockets” for the transducers).


Key Features:

  • DVL - Doppler Velocity Logger
  • Light weight and small packages, or create your own housing with an OEM system
  • Depth rating from 300m to 6000m and can be packaged in TitaniumAluminum or Plastic
  • Used for navigation and altitude on ROVAUVASV and Ships
  • Integerated with Kearfott and GreenSea INS system. iXBlue coming soon.
  • Dual Frequency DVLs available
  • Upward/Downward Looking ADCP with a single electronics package
  • PD0, PD4, PD5, PD6, and PD13 data formats
  • Water Profile Range from 8cm to 150m
  • Bottom Track Altitude from 30cm to 300m
  • Pressure Sensor optionally available
  • Lithium batteries optionally available
  • External battery case optionally available
  • Realtime data processing or Record data to internal 32GB SD memory card and post process with software
  • Water ProfileBottom Track and Water Track included
  • Bottom Track Long Range Mode included to gain 50% more range over industry standard Broadband mode
  • Output the industry standard formats plus our proprietary formats: RTB, RTD, PD0, PD3, PD4, PD5, PD6, PD13
  • RTB binary data format includes BeamInstrumentEarth velocities, Echo IntensityCorrelation and NMEA
  • Connect a GPS directly to the ADCP and the NMEA data will be used and recorded with the ensemble data
  • Export to PD0MATLABCSV and Python
  • Integreated with Hypack software suite.
  • Integreated with Aqua Vision software suite.
  • Up to 12 different configurations in a single deployment
  • Optional Ethernet communication available. Speeds up download time
  • Trigger In/Out available
  • Field replaceable transducers if any damage occurs to the ADCP
  • Modular electronic package
  • 8 Channel electronics to support up to 8 beams
  • OEM packaging available. You design your own head or housing. We supply the beams and electronics


  • System components
    Accelerometer(s), Magnetometer(s), Temperature sensor, Pressure sensor
  • Year of introduction
  • Width/Diameter [cm]:
  • Height [m]
  • Weight in air [kg]
  • Weight in water [kg]
  • Housing material
    Plastic, Aluminum, Titanium
  • Min. operating depth [m]
  • Max. operating depth [m]
  • Length [m]
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Platforms [ROV, submarines]
    AUV, Micro AUV, USV, ROV, Micro ROV, Ships, Boats, Submarines, Mooring, Buoy, Seafloor mount
  • Min. external power DC [Voltage]
  • Max. external power DC [Voltage]
  • Average power consumption [W]
  • Number of concurrent power input ports
  • Number of transducers
  • Number of beams
  • Transducer type
    4 - 8 Transducers
  • Frequency operating range max.[kHz]
  • Vertical beam opening angle [°]
  • Beam width [°]
  • Individually replaceable transducers
  • Velocity range [m/s]
  • Velocity resolution [mm/s]
  • Min. altitude [m]
  • Max. altitude [m]
  • Long term accuracy
  • Single Ping precision
    0.5 cm/s @ 3 /ms
  • Interval
    Up to 10 hz
  • Minimum range [m]
  • Maximum Range [m]
  • Long term accuracy
    0.25% +/- 2 mm/s
  • Single Ping precision
    3.5 cm/s @ 2m cell size
  • Velocity resolution [m/s]
  • Min. layer/cell size [m]
  • Internal INS/IMU
  • Accuracy pitch and roll
    Heading, Pitch and Roll sensor
  • Accuracy compass
    Range: 0°-360°, Accuracy: 1° RMS, Resolution: 0.01°
  • Internal compass
  • Temperature sensor
  • Accuracy temperature sensor
    Range: -5° - 70°C, Accuracy: ±0.15°C
  • Pressure sensor
  • Accuracy pressure sensor
    Range: Selectable, Accuracy: ±0.1% Range
  • Other sensors
    GPS can be connected to ADCP. Data can be utilized in processing for heading. Data will be output and recorded with DVL data.
  • Communication [RS232, USB, Ethernet]
    RS232, RS485, RS422, Ethernet
  • Connector type
    8 pin Underwater Seaconn connector
  • Data baud rates
    9600 - 921600
  • Number of possible concurrent outputs
  • Internal memory [GB]
  • Type of internal memory
    Micro SD Card
  • Requires separate software
  • Trigger
    Trigger In and Trigger out
  • Concurrent output specifications
    RTB, RTD, PD0, PD3, PD4, PD5, PD6, PD13
  • Software name
    Pulse Software or any software that supports: PD0, PD3, PD4, PD5, PD6 or PD13.
  • Distinguishable features
    Dual Frequency Option. Up/Down configuration in a single set of electronics. OEM package, you design your own enclosure. Up to 8 beams per DVL.

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