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Deep Ocean Salvage INC

About Deep Ocean Salvage INC

Deep Ocean Salvage (DOS) is an innovative and inventive company providing worldwide solutions in modern marine science.
DOS is in business since 2010 to offer wide range of safe, qualitative and innovative survey and subsea operations.
Our core values — Safety, Innovation, Teamwork and Customer Focus embody the Deep Ocean Salvage business principles and operating philosophy: we believe in technology and innovation as there is always possible to find a more efficient and effective ways how to improve the quality of our work. While many organisations can offer just an equipment or ship leases, the DOS technical team and reach list of assets adds a unique element not offered elsewhere.
DOS owns and operates the 76 m long dynamically positioned survey vessel, The Empire Persia. The ship has high technical standards, more
over it is always kept ready for usage at any moment. The Empire Persia is equipped with a side scan sonar, marine magnetometer, multi-beam System and unique ROGE ROV system along with other associated tools and accessories.
Besides excellent technical qualities of this ship, we have also created a team, which contains professionals with great experience in subsea operations (Egypt Air MS990, Swiss air SWR111, Malaysia Airlines flight 370, Titanic, Laconia, The Francois Vieljeux, ss Great Britain, HMS Victory, SS Gairsoppa). DOS’s unique capabilities are made available to other organisations which want to operate in the subsea industry.
The company delivers innovative engineering solutions and turnkey project management for complex subsea operations. We are based in Baltics and are able to react at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Deep Ocean Salvage INC
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