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Rubhy is a moored acoustic buoy useful for scientists doing real-time marine assessment and offshore companies looking for pile-driving mitigation. Additional sensor

Frankstar Standard Wave Buoy to monitor sea wave data in wave height wave direction wave period - -Compare with Similar Products on
Solar Energy Supply Mooring or Drifting Standard Data Elf Wave Buoy

Frankstar Technology Group PTE. LTD

Wave Buoy (STD) is a kind of small buoy measuring system of monitoring. It is mainly used in offshore fixed-point observation, for the sea wave height, period, direc

Drifting Buoy to Measure ocean Current observe sea surface temperature with GPS location - -Compare with Similar Products on
Drifting Buoy to Measure ocean Current observe sea surface temperature with GPS location

Frankstar Technology Group PTE. LTD

Drifting buoy can follow different layers of deep current drift to observe the Ocean surface temperature.

Frankstar Wind Buoy data buoys - Compare with Similar Products on
High Accuracy GPS Real-time Communication ARM Processor Wind Buoy

Frankstar Technology Group PTE. LTD

The wind buoy is a small measuring system, which can observe the wind speed, wind direction, temperature and pressure with the current or at a fixed point

Aanderaa MOTUS Buoy Solutions
MOTUS Wave Buoys

Aanderaa Data Instruments

Collect reliable environmental data with MOTUS Wave Data Buoy.

ToughBoy data buoy --Compare with Similar Products on
ToughBoy data buoy


The ToughBoy data collection buoy is the optimum choice for real-time marine monitoring, for example (but not limited to) any type of wave, current and weather measu

Frankstar Integrated Observation Wave Buoy for monitor water quality ecological parameters -Compare with Similar Products on
1.2m 1.6m 3m Integrated Observation Big Data Buoy

Frankstar Technology Group PTE. LTD

Integrated Wave Buoy is a simple and cost-effective buoy developed by Frankstar Technology for offshore, estuary, river, lake. It can steadily and continuously moni

Frankstar Technology Floating & Mooring Mini Ocean Wave Buoy to Observe sea wave heigh direction period - Compare with more products on
Floating Mini Ocean Wave Buoy to Observe Sea Wave Height Direction Period Wave Spectrum

Frankstar Technology Group PTE. LTD

Mini Wave Buoy can observe the wave data in the short-term by the way of short-term fixed-point or drifting, providing stable and reliable data for Ocean scientific

Sofar Spotter buoys are compact, rugged, and reliable in all conditions - Sofar Ocean Spotter data buoys -Compare with Similar Products on

Sofar Ocean

Thousands of Spotter buoys have already been deployed across the globe. Easily deploy your own Spotter buoy to monitor wave, wind, and water temperature, in real-tim

OceanStar Data Buoys
OceanStar Data Buoys


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