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Undertaking a Geophysical and UXO Survey with a Multiple EIVA ScanFish Setup

In December 2017, leading marine survey service provider Bibby HydroMap was commissioned by ScottishPower Renewables to undertake a geophysical and UXO survey across the site of the proposed East Anglia ONE offshore windfarm to ensure that items which could pose a risk to construction operations were identified. Located off the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk, UK, the East Anglia offshore wind area has been earmarked for future development. East Anglia ONE was the first area to be awarded a licence for development; it covers an area of approximately 200 km2 and is located towards the south of the development area. Commenting on this background, Tom Davenport, Bibby HydroMap Operations Manager said: ‘With many offshore renewable energy sites presenting demanding seabed morphology and significant tidal currents, the challenge comes in the form of how to obtain full, accurate UXO data coverage across the sites, given the difficult conditions often encountered.’

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