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Tree Inventory

Since adoption of the Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP) in 2012, the HRM realized that — in order to meet the plan’s canopy targets — it would have to increase its planting volume by several hundreds of trees per year, resulting in a total annual planting of more than 1,000 non-replacement trees. But the use of contractors also came with complications. Primarily, the municipality requires a two-year warranty from contractors, intended both to protect the municipality against premature tree mortality from natural causes, as well as to ensure contractors stand by the quality of their planting. “Contractors must be held accountable,” Simmons said. “But they don’t typically patrol the streets on their own looking for dead trees to replace.” Yet tens of thousands of dollars are on the line when trees require replacement under warranty. “HRM pays the contractor around $400 per tree,” Simmons said. “So it’s important that all tree mortality caused by natural causes is recognized, and replaced, while the tree is still under warranty.” Halifax needed a way to inventory newly planted trees and monitor them individually during the warranty period.

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