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Simplifying Lidar Survey

OxTS manufactures Inertial navigation Systems (INS) and proprietary software that survey professionals have come to rely on. Our devices, the Survey+ and the xNAV650 output highly accurate position, heading and pitch/roll measurements. An advanced navigation engine combines streams of data from onboard IMUs and GNSS receivers. This data can then be used in a multitude of applications including LiDAR survey, mobile mapping and open road positioning. Surveying, especially with a LiDAR sensor, can be a complicated art. There are many factors to consider even before you begin. However, system manufacturers involved in the survey industry, like OxTS, are taking steps to simplify LiDAR survey. The end goal for many LiDAR surveyors is to create an accurate pointcloud. But to produce the best possible results, the hardware and software involved need to be working together in unison. Hardware = LiDAR sensor and INS Software = Georeferencing, post-process and configuration In this article, we’ve picked out some (not all!) of our favourite ‘simplifying LiDAR survey’ developments.

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