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SeaExplorer Glider Sets Endurance Record With a Sea-Bird Glider Payload CTD

With 18% of its batteries still remaining, scientists from the Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche (LOV) pulled a record-setting SeaExplorer glider from the French Riviera. The UUV had just completed a 60-day, 1,183 km mission to set a world record: longest journey by an underwater glider on a single battery charge, in both distance and duration. Unlike many other types of gliders, the SeaExplorer draws power from rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, opening doors for low-cost, fast turnaround missions. The glider was paired with a Sea-Bird Scientific Glider Payload CTD (GPCTD) and 43F dissolved oxygen sensor, conducting over 1,168 profiles of highresolution CTD data despite a strict power budget.

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