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Keeping People’s Feet Dry with Eyebase

One consequence of climate change is heavier and more frequent rain in large parts of Europe. For the Dutch delta – the point where the major rivers flow into the North Sea – that has created the need to store a lot of extra water at certain times of year to prevent residential areas, industrial areas, sports fields and agricultural land from being flooded due to heavy rainfall. A lot of work has been done in recent years to develop the much-needed water storage, but accurate monitoring of the extra capacity remains necessary. In the Netherlands, the responsibility for water management or ‘keeping people’s feet dry’ rests on the shoulders of the water boards. Several water boards use Eyebase, Geodelta’s photogrammetric stereo mapping software, as the basis for mapping the surface water. This case study shows how Eyebase provides the foundation for mapping the extra capacity of the watercourses in the area managed by the Rijnland District Water Control Board while at the same time improving the accuracy of the calculations.

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