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Episode 1 - Marine Tech Talk - Can Ropeless Fishing Help Save the Whales?

Marine Te​​ch Talk is a show about Teledyne Marine's technologies that are enabling discovery and efficient and safe work practices in our oceans and inland waterways. Hosted by ​​Melissa Rossi, a Marketing Director at Teledyne Marine, Marine Tech Talk features customers and their quest for knowledge, more efficient work environments, safety, environmental conservation, and more. From following North Atlantic Right Whales off the coast of New Brunswick, to advocating and designing a new fishing method that can prevent accidental whale entanglements and mortality, our guests span industries and the globe. Meet commercial fishermen turned advocates, marine construction service providers, and researchers and technicians from prestigious universities and government agencies that are all using Teledyne Marine's technologies to solve some of the to​​​​ughest challenges on the planet. On the debut episode, Richard discusses the negative events associated with whale entanglement by fishing gear and his innovative lineless lobster traps, incorporating Teledyne Benthos Acoustic Communication equipment.​Guest: Captain Richard Riels, Executive Director of SMELTS​ Listen to more podcasts here at Marine Tech Talk

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