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CHC CGI-610 GNSS/INS Used in Autonomous Trucks at Thai Seaport

Autonomous driving has become a popular topic in recent years, whether for self-driving passenger cars, cabs or industrial vehicles. To accomplish the task of autonomous driving, a vehicle needs to have the following information: where it is (positioning), where it is going (planning), how to get there (navigation planning), how to avoid collisions (perception), and how to follow relevant protocols (understanding modeling). Positioning is the primary problem that needs to be solved, and it is acknowledged that integrated GNSS/INS navigation and positioning is an essential technology to address this application. The CGI GNSS/INS (inertial navigation system) sensor tightly integrates high accuracy positioning GNSS module and an industrial-grade inertial motion unit (IMU) that are designed to meet the requirements of the autonomous driving industry.

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