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Establishing Digital Twin Inspections

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About Twinsity

We built Twinsity to solve real-world problems using drone and remote sensing technology. We entered the drone inspection industry when founding the drone company Aibotix, which Hexagon/Leica Geosystems later acquired. We saw a big problem: Our clients could easily collect massive volumes of data during drone inspections but didn’t have a solution that made it easy to manage, analyze and share this information. In 2020, we founded Twinsity and built TWINSPECT to support enterprises in sharing their data and, most important, finding defects faster - always aiming to unlock the real value of the captured data sets.​ With our vision to make physical assets worldwide sustainably safer and to provide inspection teams with the best tools, there is no time to rest for us, and we are always working on innovations to drive digital inspections forward. Thus, asset management is supported by cutting-edge tech solutions to improve the safety of buildings and infrastructures.
“By moving from manual to digital inspection of bridges, buildings and industrial assets, we help enterprises to generate a cost-effective complete visual documentation of those complex structures. This forms a baseline for continuous and preventive inspection, ultimately extending the structural lifetime and cutting carbon emissions.”
Fabien Chalas, CEO and Co-Founder

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