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Development of marine drones

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IMSolutions, previously known as TEXYS MARINE, boasts a decade-long legacy in marine robotics since its establishment in 2009. Specializing in marine technology, they excel in environmental monitoring, hydrography, surveying, renewable energy, and marine geosciences.

At the core of IMSolutions' offerings are advanced marine robotic systems, including unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), instrumented buoys, vessel conversion kits, deployable operations centers, and remote data management systems. These innovations serve diverse maritime sectors, including oil and gas, renewable energy, defense, maritime security, fisheries surveillance, marine science, and high-performance sports. IMSolutions' expertise spans oceanography, defense, and marine science, providing automation and intelligence solutions for survey campaigns, coastal and offshore measurement and survey solutions, and groundbreaking marine science solutions. Their marine drones prioritize safety, ease of deployment, autonomy, cost-efficiency, precision, and versatility for multi-mission tasks.

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