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To acquire hydrographic or oceanographic datasets winches are an essential tool. They are utilized to lower measurement systems into the water or to trawl and recover instruments behind survey platforms. There are many different systems on the market for different purposes like Anchor Winches, Mooring Winches, Towing Winches, Fishing Winches, Anchor Handling Winches, or Winches specifically built for scientific instruments.

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Intelligent Winch
Intelligent Winch

Stema Systems

The Intelliwinch is compact size instrumentation winch steered with a PC based control unit that can be integrated with other sensors for fully automated operation.

Stema High Speed Hydrographic Winch
Hydrographic Tow Winch 11 KW | 2m/sec

Stema Systems

The functionality of the winch benefits from the integration of the dedicated Stema Systems software that allows the winch to maintain altitude above the s

Mariscope Winch
Mariscope Winch

Mariscope Meerestechnik e.K.

Winche is a mechanical device, driven by an electric motor, intended to lift and move large loads. It consists of a rotating roller, around which a cable or a rope i

The Smartwinch
The Smartwinch

Stema Systems

The Smartwinch is a highly flexible highspeed compact size instrumentation device for fully automated deployment of various sensors for the hydrographical and geophy

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