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Gexcel OPMMS - Open Pit Mine Monitoring System

The OPMMS® (Open Pit Mine Monitoring System) is a laser-measurement-based monitoring system, expressly designed for automatic and manual long-range profiling of open pits’ slopes and surfaces and other mining applications, specifically cust…

  • Gexcel OPMMS - Open Pit Mine Monitoring System
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The OPMMS® (Open Pit Mine Monitoring System) is a laser-measurement-based monitoring system, expressly designed for automatic and manual long-range profiling of open pits’ slopes and surfaces and other mining applications, specifically customized for different terrestrial laser scanners as Teledyne-Optech ILRIS or the RIEGL VZ Series. The platform automatically compares the acquired scans to a reference scan, taken as baseline, and detects displacements and deformations. The laser scanner readings in the assigned regions of interest are inspected against the base measurements and an automatic report is generated.


  • Main users
    1) Mining SafetyMonitoring Sessions continuously acquire the investigated area and detect changes over a predefined threshold, performing a discrete protection system for employees, machinery and equipment.2) Variation and Production MonitoringThe system detects variations with respect to a predefined reference scan (baseline) and optionally with regards to an intermediate reference scan. The whole scanning sequence is archived and can be analized in the Gexcel point clouds processing suite for volume calculation and data comparison to previous surveys.3) Landslide Monitoring with AlertLandslide and critical areas can be continuously surveyed and compared. If movements surpass a defined threshold, automatic alerts warn workers and the site responsibles.
  • Main applications
    Open Pit Mine, Mining, Landslide, Slope Monitoring
  • Training facilities
  • Standard data format
    3D Scans (raw/processed): manufacturer proprietary format, Gexcel RGP format, several Gexcel export formats High Resolution Images (External Camera): PNG, JPGExported Output: Excel Report of Data StatisticsAlarming Notification Methods: email, SMS (subject to the availability of a text -messaging local service provider. Subscription and traffic costs not included)Alarming Devices: Light, Horn, customized solutions
  • Data description
    Real-time 3D Monitoring Terrestrial Scan Data: 3D point clouds, images, statistics and visual outputsScan data and images are taken by means of an automatic monitoring web application software, OPMMS®, that can be managed locally or remotely. Raw and processed data are archived, together with analysis reports and statistics.
  • Data collection description
    Scans are taken using high grade, long range, high precision terrestrial laser scanners such as Optech ILRIS or Riegl VZ-Series models. Data are captured and saved in the proprietary laser manufacturer format and immediately converted in the Gexcel application structured format, then filtered, processed and compared by a 3D inspection in order to detect differences toward a reference scan. The time series of the acquired scans is saved and archived, so that it can be subsequently imported in the point clouds Gexcel processing suite for further analysis and computations.High resolution photos are captured as well and linked to the 3D scans for a deeper qualitative investigation.A rugged control unit is provided with power and communication interface included.Several Useful Accessories & Options are available.Fully Supported Hardware/Software: We care of hardware, accessories and software integrity.
  • Data quality control descripton
    External quality control in not implemented yet. Otherwise a robust and precise scan alignment algorithm is used to minimize potential misalignments between compared scans due to ground stations or atmospheric variations that can happen when long range scanning is performed.
  • License and ownership description
    The software is provided embedded on a computing platform included in a Powering, Control and Processing Unit.Control Unit Specifications:Power Supply 100-240 VAC / 24 VDC Uninterruptible Power Supply Module 24 VDC UPS-CAP Energy storage for maximum service life (no batteries, backup time before shutdown ~2 min)Fully Rugged Detachable Computing Platform- Intel® Core™ i7-4610M vPro™ Processor- 15.6" TFT LCD FHD with Sunlight Readable Display- Optional NVIDIA® GeForce® 745 2GB Discrete Graphic Controller- MIL-STD-461F Ready and IP65 certified8-port Industrial Switch with 4 port-PoE - Transmission Speed Up to 100 MbpsField Alarm Devices Management (IP based)Lightning ProtectionFan System for Extended Operating Temperature RangeRugged Enclosure / Transport Case- MIL-STD-810F / ATA 300 / FED-STD-101C Certified- Lightweight Strong HPX® Resin- In-line Wheels- Watertight

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