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UAS for Mapping and 3D Modelling

An Unmanned Aerial System for Mapping and 3D Modelling is available as one of two platforms; aircraft and copter. Both of which have advantages and disadvantages. An Aircraft will have a longer flight time and larger coverage area, but it requires more space to take-off and land. This makes Aircrafts ideal for larger scale Mapping and 3D Modelling projects. Aircraft will conventionally be able to carry a larger payload than Copters. A Copter is able to lift off and land horizontally and is often used for small-scale Mapping of 3D Modelling projects.

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Satlab SLM-2
Satlab SLM-2


GPR-drone integrated system
GPR drone integrated system

SPH Engineering

A Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) mounted on a drone enables to see through the surface of ground, ice, rocks, freshwater, and buildings or through structures at unsa


Siteco Informatica

The Sky-Scanner system has been tested in Italy at the beginning of 2015, in cooperation with ASCO-DAITO who had the opportunity to evaluate its reliability and accu

DT26x Surveillance
DT26x Surveillance


The ultra-long range UAV with high-value added sensors

Falcon 8
Falcon 8

Topcon Europe Positioning

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