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Total Stations

A Total Station is an electronic/optical instrument used for angle measurement, distance measurements, and coordinate measurements. Total Stations can be remotely controlled and are mounted on Surveying Tripods. A Total Station uses a Surveying Prisms as a measurement target, and the ability to remotely control or automatically track these targets eliminates the need for an assistant staff.

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SX Series
SX Series

Sokkia B.V.

The SX robotic total station combines the latest in tracking, motorized turning, angle accuracy, and software technology providing powerful and easy-to-use “one-man”

TruPoint 300
TruPoint 300

Laser Technology, Inc.

The TruPoint 300's advanced technology leverages the latest in documenting and diagramming technology to create powerful, adaptable and intelligent mapping

RTS010 Precision Total Station
RTS010 Precision Total Station

Suzhou FOIF CO.,LTD.

DSi Series
DSi Series

Topcon Europe Positioning

Featuring new XPointing technology, the DS rapidly seeks out prisms even in dark conditions. Tailor-made for survey or construction, it also features advanced topo,

SX10 Scanning Total Station
SX10 Scanning Total Station


The Trimble® SX10 Scanning Total Station merges high-speed 3D scanning, enhanced Trimble VISION™ imaging technology and high-accuracy total station measurements into

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