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Tide Gauges: Radar, Pressure and Acoustic

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HY1300 Tide Gauge
HY1300 Tide Gauge

Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology

HY1300 is a type of self-recording, small size tide gauge. It can measure the temperature and tide changes accurately in spite of sea surface winds and waves. This p





The VRS-20 is a pulsed k-band radar level sensor developed by Valeport to work seamlessly with the Valeport TideMaster. Operate standalone with optional integrated G

DT100 series TD/Water Level/Tide Recorder
DT100 series TD/Water Level/Tide Recorder

Beijing Hydrosurvey Science&Technology Co., Ltd.

DT100 series TD/Water Level/Tide Recorder adopts imported high-precision titanium pressure sensor
and supports both self-recording and online modes of operation. Th

Level Bottom ISO 1 View
Water Level Gauge


Obscape’s Level Gauge delivers real-time water level measurements. It records the water level using a highly accurate radar sensor. Since the instrument is mounted a

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