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RTK Base Stations

Real Time Kinematics (RTK) Base Stations are [GNSS Receivers] that act as a reference station in an RTK setup. Together with other GNSS Receivers, the rovers, a high accuracy in positioning measurements can be achieved.RTK Base Stations create an RTK correction signal which improves the positioning of the rovers. RTK Base stations stay in contact with the rovers by wireless communication.

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HiPer AG
HiPer AG


The HiPer AG functions as an ultra-mobile, cable-free base, a fixed base station (with optional external GPS or radio antennas), or as a rover for surveying.



The Relay is a radio telecommunication module that connects directly to a NovAtel SMART6-L dual-frequency GNSS receiver. The Relay provides the SMART6-L with radio c

GNSS RTK system - MatrixRTK kit
GNSS RTK system - MatrixRTK kit

Tersus GNSS

MatrixRTK is a new generation GNSS RTK system. With high-performance multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS board inside, MatrixRTK can provide high accuracy a

GNSS Smart Target Base Station
GNSS Smart Target Base Station


The Trimble GNSS Smart Target Base Station is an easy to use, survey-grade multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS reference station complete with a foam Ground Co

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