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Mobile GIS Systems and Field Controllers

Mobile GIS is taking Geographic Information Systems (GIS) out of the office and into the field. A mobile GIS allows for the capture, storage, manipulation, analyzation, and display of geospatial data and information in the field. Field Controllers are devices that are connected to the GIS Systems and increase the operation of the Mobile GIS Systems.

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South H3 Plus
H3 Plus


H3 plus is a new generation professional controller running on Android which offers state of the art smartphone capabilities combined with rugged professional qua

EZSurv GNSS Post-Processing software
EZSurv GNSS Post-Processing software



BAP Precision

Nomad 1050
Nomad 1050


The TrimbleĀ® NomadĀ® 1050 series is a family of proven, ultra-rugged, feature-packed GPS handhelds created for mobile GIS professionals carrying out field data collec

Handheld GNSS/GIS Data Collector
Handheld GNSS/GIS Data Collector

Tersus GNSS

TX204 is an integrated multi-GNSS Sensor. It can work as a handheld GNSS/GIS data collector. It is light-weight, rugged with built-in centimeter accurate RTK engine,

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