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Mobile GIS Systems and Field Controllers

Mobile GIS is taking Geographic Information Systems (GIS) out of the office and into the field. A mobile GIS allows for the capture, storage, manipulation, analyzation, and display of geospatial data and information in the field. Field Controllers are devices that are connected to the GIS Systems and increase the operation of the Mobile GIS Systems.

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South X2


The X2 handheld is a durable, compact GIS collector with an integrated high-yield GPS receiver, ideal for asset management and inspection applications. It is the l

TruPulse 200X
TruPulse 200X

Laser Technology, Inc.

The TruPulse 200X achieves the highest distance and inclination accuracy, calculating horizontal and vertical distances, height and 2D missing line values.  The

TruPulse 360R
TruPulse 360R

Laser Technology, Inc.

The TruPulse 360R provides full measurement capability with AZ + INC + SD, solves 3D missing line calculations between any two points and easily integrates with GPS

Yuma 2
Yuma 2


The Trimble® Yuma® 2 rugged tablet computer is designed for ease of use and high performance mobility. Great for GIS applications - it's like bringing a complete PC

Tesla for GIS
Tesla for GIS

Topcon Europe Positioning

The Topcon Tesla RTK is the largest screen, single handed, handheld controller on the market that can also be utilized as a network RTK rover.

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