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STIM210 multi axis gyro module
STIM210 Multi-axis gyro module


STIM210 is a small, tactical grade, affordable, robust and reliable, ultra high performance (Bias Stability 0.3°/h, ARW 0.15°/√h) MEMS gyro module with up to 3 axes.

ASC 273
ASC 273


Fiber Coil Winding Machine
- Fiber Coil Winding Machine

Rayzer Optical Technology Co., Ltd

Suitable for winding low, medium and high precision Gyroscope fiber coil, optical fiber coil for hydrophone, optical fiber coil for time-delay, etc.

Fiber Coil of CSRAYZER
- Free Standing Fiber Coil F70mm FOG

Rayzer Optical Technology Co., Ltd

CSRayzer’s Fiber Gyro Coil is the core sensitive component of Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG). The quality of winding process directly determines the accuracy of FOG. Wi

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