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Foxcom Foxcom GPS/GNSS and Iridium Repeater

  • Foxcom Foxcom GPS/GNSS and Iridium Repeater
16 Hataasia Street
99052 Har Tuv A, Industrial Zone


  • Outdoor antenna supplied
  • Outdoor antenna type
    The kit consists of Foxcom’s Sat-Light 4005 series outdoor unit (ODU), dual outdoor Iridiumantennas and dual indoor ceiling mount antennas. RF coax cables are also included in thepackage.
  • Indoor antenna supplied
  • Indoor antenna type
    Dual indoor ceiling mount antennas
  • Cable supplied
  • Cable type
    The system supports 40 meters with LMR 400 and 20 meters when using LMR300 of cabling.
  • More information
    Foxcom is offering an exclusive Iridium & GPS Coaxial repeater solution, which enables users tostay connected to the world at all times even if all primary communication networks are down.The Iridium handset does not require sky view to operate, so users can remain inside in controlrooms or bunkers during an emergency.
  • Distinguishable features
    Foxcom’s Iridium/GPS Coaxial repeater is the ideal solution for mobile satellite connectivity inany indoor location, such as a control room, an operations room and a military bunker.
  • Type
    Land, Marine
  • Typical applications
    Underground Facilities, Military Bunkers, Submarines, Maritime, Oil Rigs
  • Power Supply
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Environmental protection [IP]

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