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Lead’Air, Inc SteadyTrack STX Sensor Mount

  • Lead’Air, Inc SteadyTrack STX Sensor Mount
Lead’Air, Inc
113 S. Hoagland Blvd.
34741 Kissimmee
United States of America


  • Stabilization System Type
    open circular gimbal
  • Operation Area
  • Pitch [°]
  • Roll [°]
  • Yaw/Drift / [°]
  • Other
    The STX21 mount is essentially mechanical, there are no electronics, gyro’s or IMU’s attached. The electronics necessary for the operation of the mount is contained in a separate housing called the STX controller. The STX controller must be connected to an IMU, like an Applanix or a Novatel. The controller uses the IMU attitude output data to level the mount in real time. Note that this mount will only work if your sensor system uses an IMU and if the IMU data can be sent to the STX controller.
  • Distinguishable features
    Contrary to other mount designs, the STX open circular gimbal allows the sensor system to be fixed into the mount so as to be as low as possible above the airplane hole.
  • FMS compatibility
    If required the STX controller can be expanded at will by adding a number of modules such as the Track’Air Flight Management module, an Applanix AP IMU module, a Riegl Lidar control module, etc.
  • Sensor compatibility
    The STX is currently produced in 10, 17, 19 and 21 inches and can be manufactured on demand in any size, even larger sizes, as long as it fits within the width of the airplane.

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