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MicroSurvey Software Inc. MicroSurvey CAD

MicroSurvey CAD is a Complete Desktop Survey and Design Program Created for Surveyors, Contractors and Engineers

MicroSurvey CAD, offers a complete, cost-effective Desktop Survey and Design program designed for surveyors. Perform standard surveying calculations, create high-quality 2D and 3D deliverables quicker and easier than those using more complex, non survey-centric applications. You can even work with point clouds, LIDAR and photogrammetric data.

  • MicroSurvey Software Inc. MicroSurvey CAD
MicroSurvey Software Inc.
#205-3500 Carrington Road
V4T 3C1 West Kelowna
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MicroSurvey CAD provides users with unencumbered survey drafting and calculation workflows, including COGO, point tools for gridline-based projects, traverse input and adjustment, misclosure reporting, common data collector support, 3D surface representation and computation, corridor design, point cloud management, and more. MicroSurvey CAD is perpetually licensed and is powered by IntelliCAD® which is compatible with AutoCAD® drawing files. With five available feature levels – Basic, Standard, Premium, Ultimate and Studio – MicroSurvey CAD gives users the choice between several tiers of features to ensure they are getting precisely the tools and price point they need.


  • Supported operation system
  • Year of introduction
  • Year of last update
  • Supported hardware
    PC, Laptop
  • Type of data storage
  • Input formats
    Dwg, Dxf, Shape, KML, GeoTiff, Jpg, Others
  • Export formats
    Dwg, Dxf, KML, Jpg, Others, Dgn, Shape
  • Compression
  • Save standardization for drawings/maps
  • Spatial reference system
  • Positioning in relation to other element
    Extend, Perpendicular, Particular angle, Tangent, Others
  • Positioning by coördinates
  • Positioning by snapping
  • Positioning by Dimensions
  • Select
    By drawing attributes, Select by administrative attributes, Within buffer, Spatial selection, Multiple select, Others
  • Remove
    By select, By layer, Others
  • Graphic transformations
    Scale, Copy, Move, Rotate, Mirror, Align, Stretch, Others
  • Coordinate transformations
    Points and associated lines are easily transformed between hundreds of coordinate systems, and can be adjusted using helmert's transformations, least squares adjustments, and several others.
  • Merge
    Attribute table to geometry
  • Measurement
    Area, Length, Others
  • Topology
    Build, Check, Others
  • Clip
  • Tools to detect errors
    CAD Audit, Database Audit, Crash Recovery Wizard
  • License or freeware
  • Training
  • Main users
    Land Surveyors, Geomatics Technicians, Mapping Professionals
  • Main applications
    Drafting, Plan Checking, Plan Calculation, Data Adjustment
  • Distinguishable features
    Ease of Use, COGO, Lot Closures, Top-Notch Helpdesk, Legal Description Writer, Database-linked Linework, Automatic Labeling, Direct support for most common Data Collector export formats, Traverse adjustments, Point Cloud support, GIS, and many more.
  • Related products
    MicroSurvey embeddedCAD, MicroSurvey inCAD, MicroSurvey FieldGenius, MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Android
  • Points
    Point, Symbol, Text, Others
  • Lines
    Line segment, Polyline, Multiline, Arc, B-spline, Others
  • Surfaces
    Polygon, Others
  • Types
    Color, Pattern, Hatch, Gradient color
  • Change view
    Zoomfactor, Target point, Twist angle
  • Web standards
  • Spatial database management systems
  • Messaging protocols
  • Extensions

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