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Topcon MAGNET Construction

Takeoff, 3D constructible model, and survey software


  • Topcon MAGNET Construction
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2908 LJ Capelle aan den IJssel
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MAGNET Construction brings your PDF plans to life, and helps you create 3D project plans with confidence. Balance the site to eliminate haul of unnecessary materials. Combine strata and construction materials to build a trench profile or road alignment. Perform asphalt re-paving design. Takeoff functionality helps you to calculate true volume and cost estimates. Export machine-ready files for your crew and foremen.

  • PDF to CAD conversion with full road design functionality and 3D model visualization
  • A customizable materials library
  • Subsurface strata from bore hole data
  • Accurate subgrade quantity calculations
  • Cut/Fill maps
  • Cleanup of surface files
  • Site balancing
  • Pipe library and trench templates
  • Multiple window panes for clear impression of road surface
  • Produce and manage industry standard 3DMC files
  • BIM Modeling, 5D Simulation & Clash Detection

Previously named MAGNET Office Takeoff, this product now includes legacy MAGNET Office Resurfacing, MAGNET Modeler, and MAGNET Explorer functionality.


  • Access to MAGNET Enterprise
  • All MAGNET Site, Layout and Survey functionality



  • Typical applications
    MAGNET Construction is perfect for: Design & Take-Off Site Management Mass Excavation Site Work Road Work Landfill Milling Asphalt Paving Concrete Paving

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