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3D at Depth Hybrid ROV / AUV

Fully Integrated Solution

3D at Depth’s fully integrated ROV Subsea Vehicle Inspection and Survey Solution designed to optimize survey and inspection solutions in water depths to 3000m. Offshore deep-water assets and Offshore wind operators, owners and Hydroelectric Dam energy producers can now reduce expenditures and risks while lowering man-hours, decreasing carbon footprint without sacrificing quality by providing measurable and enhanced information.

  • 3D at Depth Hybrid ROV / AUV
3D at Depth
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This comprehensive inspection and survey solution incorporate a hovering supervised autonomous or tethered ROV package with 360° maneuverability with 6 degrees of freedom, inertial navigation tightly coupled with 3D at Depth’s patented subsea LiDAR (SL) SL4 laser system, multibeam echosounder, side scan sonar and other available sensors to deliver high quality data. 


  • Propulsion or glider

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