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AUV, ROV and USV Control Systems

AUV, ROV and USV Control Systems are software and hardware that are used to remotely operate unmanned water vehicles and enable the logging of the available data for post mission analysis and playback. Many solutions offer much more data capture, like live video and video recording, data from echo sounders or GPS receivers.

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BlueRobotics BlueROV2
BlueRobotics BlueROV2

RS Aqua

SubNav OS showing real time event marking on Nautical Chart background with HD video feed
SubNav OS

Oceanbotics Inc

SubNav OS enables logging all available data for post-mission analysis and playback. Operators are able to evaluate vehicle dynamics and position information for imp

BeeX has already provided underwater inspection services at the Nordsee One wind farm. - Subsea Europe Services A.IKANBILIS - Tetherless Hovering AUV - Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com
A.IKANBILIS - Tetherless Hovering AUV

Subsea Europe Services GmbH

Unlock new levels of operational efficiency using AI-controlled tetherless operation and state-of-theart sensor fusion

L3Harris ASView USV control systems 1 - Compare with Similar Products on
L3Harris ASView

L3Harris - ASV

The highly configurable ASView control system has been developed and optimized specifically for use on autonomous surface vehicles. It provides an industry leading c

Seafloor systems AutoNav Plus AUV,ROV AND USV CONTROL SYSTEMS - Compare with similar products on
AutoNav Plus

Seafloor Systems, Inc.

The AutoNav Plus™ combines the AutoNav™ control system, which enables USVs to navigate pre-programmed survey routes, with a long-range communication control system a

Poseidon Robotics Modular Telemetry System AUV,ROV,USV Control systems - Compare with Similar Products on
Modular Telemetry System


Stop trying to fit a bottle into a square space. Turn a spare fiber connection and A/C or high voltage power into any accessory connection needed to retrofit older R

Dyanutics Vessel Control System for defence and survelliance use -twin waterjet- high speed vessel  - Compare with Similar Products on
Vessel Control Systems (VCS)

Dynautics Ltd

We work with vessel designers and builders from the early stages in the design process and can also retrofit control systems into existing designs. We have a range o


Reygar Ltd

A simple, affordable dynamic positioning control system for small commercial vessels. It can also be adapted for use on unmanned and remotely controlled craft. It al


Reygar Ltd

Integrated autopilot and mission planning control system for unmanned survey vessels. It can be used on small and large unmanned vessels for both inshore and coastal

SEA MACHINES SM300 AUV,ROV CONTROL SYSTEMS - Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com


The SM300 provides operational domain awareness, telemetry and attitude to a remote commander via a chart-based user interface, tracked t

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