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Why Terratec from Norway Chose Vexcel UltraCam Aerial Cameras

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Ever wonder what customers have to say about working with an UltraCam? Company Terratec from Norway shares insights into the UltraCam workflow. Terratec was founded in 2004 by five colleagues and counts today more than 250 employees across several countries. As Norway's largest supplier of geodata, Terratec owns one UltraCam Osprey and two UltraCam Eagles. "We stick to the Vexcel cameras ever since the start of Terratec", said Andreas Velle Wiger, Airborne Data Production Manager.

Vexcel's UltraCam Osprey aerial camera covers all angels

Andreas Velle Wiger, Airborne Data Production Manager, appreciates the efficiency and quality of UltraCam and UltraMap software. Especially, he points out the possibilities that the UltraCam Osprey offers, such as capturing building facades and a different perspective than what you get with a vertical camera.
Vexcel's UltraCam Osprey offers cutting-edge technology to collect photogrammetry-grade nadir images and oblique images simultaneously, supporting city mapping as well as classical nadir applications from the same flight mission.

As the Norwegian territory is quite challenging and bright and shadowed areas are all packed together in quite small areas, Terratec depends on a reliable and efficient camera and software system. Arkadiusz Szadkowski, Data Processing Production Manager, is happy with the intuitive UltraMap workflow, that allows Terratec to consistently deliver quality data and on time.

Why Terractec from Norway chose Vexcel UltraCam Aerial Cameras

UltraCam Osprey High up in the skies

Terratec faces a challenging terrain in Norway. With UltraCam it's even possible to get the re-flights done on the fly. 

Why Terractec from Norway chose Vexcel UltraCam Aerial Cameras

UltraCam Osprey copes with different terrains

Terratec is able to get information from snowy, bright areas and also from shadowed valleys with the UltraMap software.

Why Terractec from Norway chose Vexcel UltraCam Aerial Cameras

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