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Inertial Labs Receives SBIR Phase III Contract for Revolutionary Cannon Artillery Pointing and Sighting System, CAPSS

Inertial Labs

Inertial Labs, a pioneer in inertial measurement technology, proudly announces its recent achievement: being awarded an SBIR Phase III contract by the Army Applications Laboratory of Army Futures Command. This award supports Inertial Labs development, design, and fabrication of the Cannon Artillery Pointing and Sighting System (CAPSS) for potential use on the US Army’s Paladin and the Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) vehicles.

The CAPSS mission is to dramatically reduce weight on the target vehicle platforms by providing a digital replacement for the vehicle’s current panoramic telescope (PANTEL). The PANTEL is used by the vehicles as a sighting system for the gun when the fire control system is inoperable.   The CAPSS prototype is being designed to replace the PANTEL physically. This state-of-the-art CAPSS system amalgamates a collection of cameras, inertial measurement units (IMUs), advanced electronics, and an intuitive tablet-based user interface. Designed to digitally mirror the PANTEL, the CAPSS system enables soldiers to emulate all PANTEL functions via the tablet, bypassing the need to manage the telescope physically.

"At the Army Applications Laboratory, our mission is to source and integrate cutting-edge solutions that empower our servicemen and women on the ground. That’s why, aside from addressing critical weight reduction issues, Inertial Labs’ efforts in developing CAPSS show significant promise towards providing enhanced features and functions beyond what is possible today with the current PANTEL system." Alex Kehler, Solution Innovation, Army Applications Laboratory.

One of the significant advantages of the CAPSS is the reduction of over 400 lbs in equipment weight by replacing the PANTEL, thus enhancing the vehicle's operational efficiency. In addition, the advanced features integrated within CAPSS eliminate the necessity for warfighters to leave the vehicle cabin for typical aiming and sighting activities connected to the PANTEL setup, such as working with the auto-collimator. All these functionalities are inherently embedded in the CAPSS, simplifying operations.

The CAPSS also utilizes its camera technology for semi-automated ranging capabilities. Warfighters can effortlessly zoom in on specific objects, offer estimated data based on the object's attributes (like size estimation), and the system will generate the estimated range to that particular object. Such a feature is a monumental advancement over the limitations of the current PANTEL system.

"We are incredibly proud to usher in a new era of artillery systems with CAPSS. This is an evolution in technology and a testament to our dedication to ensuring our soldiers have the best tools available. By integrating advanced optics and inertial solutions, we're enhancing precision and efficiency and ensuring greater safety for our warfighters. This collaboration with the US Army underscores our commitment to innovation and our vision for a future where technology truly serves." said Jamie Marraccini, CEO and President of Inertial Labs.

Looking ahead, Inertial Labs is delving deep into research on optical/inertial-based GPS-denied navigation tailored for land vehicles, integrating both camera systems and inertial sensor data. Their visual-inertial navigation system stands as a beacon of hope against challenges in ensuring continuous land and air vehicle navigation in harsh environments where GPS systems falter.

About Inertial Labs: Inertial Labs is a leading provider of high-precision inertial sensing and navigation technology solutions. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Inertial Labs serves various industries, including aerospace, maritime, land-based vehicles, and robotics. The company's products are designed to deliver accurate and reliable navigation solutions that enhance performance and safety in various applications.


For further information and specifications on the Inertial Labs products, please call +1-703-880-4222, e-mail [email protected], or visit us on the Web: For more details about the Army Applications Laboratory, visit them on the Web:



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