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PolyExplore, Inc. POLYSCANNER LS1

Low cost advanced solid state LiDAR scanning solution

The POLYSCANNER LS1 is a flexible, highly integrated aerial HD mapping system which includes a solid state LiDAR, and GNSS/INS sensors.

  • PolyExplore, Inc. POLYSCANNER LS1
PolyExplore, Inc.
2210 O.Toole Ave., #240
95131 San Jose
United States
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The POLYSCANNER LS1 is an affordable, precise Aerial HD mapping system that includes advanced Lidar, GNSS/INS sensors and post-processing software.


  • Lidar, position and pose data in a single folder - No calibration required

  • Up to 2 hours recording capacity

  • RTK GNSS/INS with centimetre-level accuracy

  • Sensory data sync without GNSS - High-density point cloud output

  • Ultra-light


Post-processing software allowing to create of a single LAS file annotated with the geodetic data :

  • Time-sync Lidar data with navigation data.

  • Geo-reference Lidar data to generate a “rich” point cloud in LAS format.


The system features dual-frequency RTK with centimetre-level accuracy, a high level of integration, and a compact, robust design. The POLYSCANNER LS1 system consists of: Advanced high-density Solid-State Lidar


Dual RTK INS/GNSS with centimetre-level accuracy

  • On-board data storage

  • Post-processing software - UAV adaptors :

  • Standard DJI Matrice 600 adapter

  • Standard UAVOS VTOL UVH-EL adapter

  • Customized adapters available on request



  • Year of introduction
  • Year of last update
  • Total Weight [kg]
  • Type of GNSS/INS positioning system
    Polynav 2000
  • Data storage facilities
    up to 2 hours
  • Postprocessing software
    yes. Polyfusion software
  • Wavelength [nm]
  • Distinguishable features
    No user calibration before the flight. 10 cm accuracy

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