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Teledyne Optech G2 Sensor System

Dual sensor system offering a true rate of 4 million measurements per second and forward/aft look angle through a single aircraft portal.

  • Teledyne Optech G2 Sensor System
Teledyne Optech
300 Interchange Way
L4K 5Z8 Vaughan
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The G2 Sensor System offers a true 4MHz pulse frequency via two sensor heads installed in opposing directions. This enables the double pass over the ground and all targets and thus delivers high resolution data products with minimal occlusion. The sensor heads can be pitched variably, either at 2.5° or 7° which allows for operations in pressurised aircrafts in addition to superior vertical target detection and vegetation penetration. In addition, the G2 creates a highly regular point pattern on the ground, avoids scan-line
phasing, and provides different look angles to the terrain as the sensors are oriented with ±10° of yaw. Finally, the G2 Sensor System provides a single planning, operations, and processing interface


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