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European Space Imaging SecureWatch

A New Era In Accessing Geospatial Information

A SecureWatch subscription gives you instant access to the best satellite imagery and geospatial data via web browser or API integration

  • European Space Imaging SecureWatch
European Space Imaging
Arnulfstrasse 199
80634 Munich


A SecureWatch subscription gives you on-demand access to the world's most recent, highest resolution satellite imagery and geospatial data. And you don't have to be an imagery expert or have in-house tools. With flexible access options including online streaming and download, API, and integrations with Esri ArcGIS, SecureWatch is designed to make imagery accessible to anyone who needs it, whether you're interested in a specific area or monitoring the entire globe.



  • Year of introduction
  • Deliverable raster products
    Orthorectified imagery, Timelapse mosaics
  • Options for delivery
    FTP, Individual Files, Webservices (WMS)
  • Deliverable vector products [2D and 3D]
  • Satellites or constellations of delivered products
    WorldView-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3, WorldView-4, GeoEye-1, Quickbird
  • aircraft or satellite
  • Continents
  • Spectral band types
    Red, Green, Blue, Red edge, Near-infrared, SWIR
  • Data formats of imagery
  • Resolution of RGB imagery [best GSD in centimeters]
  • Geolocation accuracy [RMSE at nadir in centimeters]
  • Geolocation accuracy [CE90 at nadir in centimeters]
  • Proces of geometric correction
    Ortho-Rectification, Atmospheric Compensation
  • Image sharpening methods
  • Sensor corrected
  • Revisit time for defined data products
    Less than one day
  • Delivery time [Time between data capture and delivery; in hours]

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