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Planet Labs Planet

  • Planet Labs Planet
Planet Labs
346 9th Street
CA 94103 San Francisco


  • Year of introduction
  • Deliverable raster products
    Raw Imagery, Orthorectified imagery, DEM, Timelapse mosaics
  • Options for delivery
    Individual Files, Maps API, Ortho Tiles or GeoJSON
  • Satellites or constellations of delivered products
    Planet operates the PlanetScope and RapidEye Earth-imaging constellations.
  • Deliverable vector products [2D and 3D]
  • aircraft or satellite
  • Continents
  • Spectral band types
    Red, Green, Blue, Red edge, Near-infrared
  • Spectral bands [specify wavelengths]
    Blue: 455 – 515 nm. - Green: 500 – 590 nm. - Red: 590 – 670 nm. - NIR: 780 – 860 nm.
  • Dynamic range of RGB image [bit depth]
  • Dynamic range of other products [specify bit depth and spectral band]
  • Data formats of imagery
  • Resolution of RGB imagery [best GSD in centimeters]
  • Resolution of other bands [GSD in centimeters]
  • Geolocation accuracy [RMSE at nadir in centimeters]
  • Proces of geometric correction
    - 1: Internal detector geometry which combines the two sensor chipsets into a virtual array. - 2: Registration of all bands together to ensure all bands line up with each other correctly.
  • Image sharpening methods
    Unsharp mask (sharpening filter) applied before the warp process.
  • Sensor corrected
  • Proces of sensor correction
    Optical distortions caused by sensor optics.
  • Radiometrically corrected
  • Process of radiometric and/or atmospheric correction
    - 1: Correction of relative differences of the radiometric response between detectors. - 2: Non-responsive detector filling which fills null values from detectors that are no longer responding. - 3: Conversion to absolute radiometric values based on calibration coefficients.
  • Revisit time for defined data products
    1 day

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