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Hexagon Digital Surface Models (DSM)

Off-The-Shelf Elevation Models for a Complete 3D View

Hexagon’s HxGN Content Program offers nationwide digital surface models (DSM) up to 20 cm resolution (nominal point spacing) across the United States and Europe. The data is orthorectified, standardized and homogeneous, making it ideal for extracting features and deriving analytics.

  • Hexagon Digital Surface Models (DSM)
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The HxGN Content Program, Hexagon’s aerial data program, offers the largest library of high-resolution multispectral aerial imagery and elevation data of the United States, Europe, and parts of Canada. Hexagon is the only aerial data provider to offer off-the-shelf nationwide DSM at 80 cm resolution across the United States and Europe.

Derived from quality controlled, high-accuracy aerial imagery, the HxGN Content Program’s DSM provides a clear view of the surface and its above-ground features in a 3D format. It is readily available and can be used for landscape modelling, city modelling, visualization applications, flood modelling, land-use studies, and geological applications. Unprecedented consistency and positional accuracy makes it an ideal data source for automatic feature extraction and machine learning applications. Flexible data use terms allow users to create derived products.


  • Deliverable raster products
    Stereo Imagery, Orthorectified imagery, DEM, DTM
  • Options for delivery
    FTP, Hard Drive, Individual Files
  • Deliverable vector products [2D and 3D]
  • aircraft or satellite
    Aerial (aircraft)
  • Continents
    Europe, North America
  • Year of introduction
  • Satellites or constellations of delivered products
    NA - Aerial Imagery
  • Spectral band types
    Red, Green, Blue, Near-infrared
  • Data formats of imagery
  • Spectral bands [specify wavelengths]
    Red 619-651 nm, Green 525-585nm, Blue 435-495, NIR 808-882nm
  • Resolution of other bands [GSD in centimeters]
    All bands are acquired at the same resolution
  • Proces of geometric correction
    Photogrammetric bundle adjustments
  • Image sharpening methods
    Several options
  • Sensor corrected
  • Proces of sensor correction
    Geometric - insitu flight calibration Radiometric - lab with integrating sphere
  • Radiometrically corrected
  • Process of radiometric and/or atmospheric correction
    Several options
  • Delivery time [Time between data capture and delivery; in hours]
  • Revisit time for defined data products

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