SABRE Advanced 3D Surveying Systems Ltd

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SABRE ADVANCED 3D, design, develop and manufacture standalone and fully integrated mobile 3D Geospatial data acquisition product solutions using LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) and camera solutions for mobile mapping.


We offer equipment solutions for deployment on mobile ground, marine and airborne platforms or any appropriate mobile platform.


SABRE ADVANCED 3D has extensive experience in mobile mapping (LiDAR and georeferenced panoramic imagery) dating back to the year 2000.


As well as providing standardised product solutions we provide a custom solutions service to meet customer specific requirements.



Sabre Advanced 3D Surveying Systems Ltd head offices are located within the United Kingdom.


  • Unit 4, Hill of Brathens, Banchory - Banchory
  • AB31 4BW Banchory
  • Aberdeenshire
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

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