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Who is it for? Maybe you?

PointCab is for architects, civil engineers, territory and landscape planners, plant designers, monument conservationists, craft enterprises and forensic experts; for all point clouds created by terrestrial laser scanners, mobile mapping, airborne scanning and handheld scanners as well as for data from photogrammetry and from flights with UAS/UAV drones.


What does it do?


PointCab has found a unique way to enable powerful yet simple analysis of point cloud data. The ability to get straight to a CAD product with little effort expedites workflows for firms providing these services. The ease of ingesting large datasets and then rendering them into an intuitive, readable fashion makes for insightful and impactful analysis of the geometry of scanned objects and terrain.


What is PointCab famous for?


The ability to parse the data from buildings and features by “slicing” through theobjects (horizontally and vertically) is one of the brilliant features making Pointcab a name in the point cloud world. By using a 2D orthophoto, the presentation of the pointcloud data is very coherent and understandable. Searching through clouds of data has always been difficult, but PointCab found an easy way to allow the user to innately grasp what they’re looking at.


What is new?


Our new target-based registration makes PointCab a wonderful alternative solution for the registration of raw LIDAR scans. Features such as finding spheres, targets or points within the scans to geodetic points are accomplished fully automatically. The optimized workflow allows to determine wrongly or not detected spheres or checkerboard targets. This is mostly caused by poorly captured scans. Now you can correct in a new and very transparent fashion. The report comes in a highly professional PDF format to add to your project reporting and it offers a great format for those who need to report accuracy verification.


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  • Germany

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