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Higgs Hydrographic Tek is an exclusive dealer for several U.S. and European companies, representing the top of the line, innovative hydrographic and excavation survey equipment on the market today.  From GPS receivers, to single- beam sonars, hydrographic heave pitch and roll motion sensors and 3D wireless motion control systems, Higgs Hydrographic Tek will provide you with a full-line of integrated systems that will take you from the pre-planning stages to the successful completion of your next project.

  • Hydrographic Surveyor/Electronic Technician/Consultant
  • Sales
  • Excavator Guidance systems
  • 3D Excavator Guidance system
  • GPS Survey equipment
  • Hydrographic Heave pitch and roll sensors
  • Installation
  • Onsite Operational Training
  • Customer Field Support/ Remote Tech Support/Services
  • Multi-beam/Calibration/Patch Testing
  • Field Repairs/Trouble Shooting Hardware & Software
  • Data Processing and Analysis
  • Cable Repairs

Specializing in Multi-beam, Single-beam and Side Scan surveys, Complete Excavator & Dredging  Motion Control installs, Silent Inspector, Vessel Tracking, RTK Navigation Systems, Motion Sensors, Radio Modems, Tide Gauges



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  • United States of America
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