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Application areas: Archeology, Hydrography, Land Surveying, Offshore Renewables
Sales region: Worldwide
Product categories ADCPs - Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers,GNSS Receivers,Multibeam Echosounders,Inertial Navigation Systems,Sidescan Sonars,ROVs - Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles,AUVs - Autonomous Underwater Vehicles,Marine Navigation Systems,Singlebeam Echosounders,Imaging Sonar,CTD Systems,Bottom Pressure Gauges,Sub-bottom Profilers,USVs - Unmanned Surface Vehicles,Hydrographic Processing Software,USBLs and SSBLs,Underwater Cameras,Sound Velocity Sensors and Profilers,Tide Gauges: Radar, Pressure and Acoustic,Data Buoys,Density Probes,Hydrographic Acquisition Software,Rentals and Dealers,Subsea Connectors,RTK base stations,GNSS receivers for precision agriculture,Radios and Modems,Portable Marine Survey Systems

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Nautikaris is your best address for your needs for Hydrographic, Oceanographic Systems, Meteorologic sensors and systems, Acoustic 3D Imaging Systems, Positioning Equipment, Underwater Connectors, Rugged Data Collectors, Marine LED Navigation Lights and Wireless Small band Radio telemetry networks. Additionally we have acoustic real-time 3D Imaging Systems for rental with experiences operators. Our customers count on us for the high quality of our products combined with ease of use and a flexible and professional support team.


Hydrographic Systems









Real-time 3D Underwater Imaging  – Coda Echoscope

Single beam Echosounders – Unabara, CEE Hydrosystems  & Knudsen Engineering

Swathe Bathymetry – BathySwath 2

Remotely Operated Vehicles – VideoRay ROV series, Deep ocean Engineering ROV and USVS systems

Side Scan Sonar System – C-Max

Motion Reference Units – SMC and OxTS series

Tide gauges – Ohmex, Aanderaa




Small band Radio RS-232/IEC 60870-5-101                      Satelline Series (VHF, UHF or 869MHz)

Small band Radio TCP-IP/IEC 60870-5-104                       Satellar (UHF)

 Boosters                                                         UHF and VHF up to 60W


Carmanah Navigation, Obstruction and Airfield Lighting solutions:


M550 series                                                                    Range: 1 NM

M650H series                                                                  Range: 1 NM 2-3 NM

M850 series                                                                    Range: 1 NM 3-7 NM

M860 series                                                                    Range: 1 NM 5-7 NM


Hemisphere GNSS Positioning solutions: 

All-in-one DGPS – 60cm accuracy upgradeable to RTK

DGPS Receiver and antenna – 60cm accuracy upgradeable to RTK

All-in-one GPS Compass – 60cm accuracy & Wheelmark Certified for true heading

GNSS Compass with separate antennas – 60cm accuracy upgradeable to RTK with motion

All-in-one RTK – centimeter accuracy for Land survey applications (with radiomodem and GPRS)


  • Margadantstraat 36
  • 1976 DN IJmuiden
  • Netherlands

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