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Subsea Tech is an engineering company based in Marseilles (France) and specialized in the design, manufacturing and sales of portable marine and underwater inspection and observation solutions especially for shallow and turbid waters applications. We manufacture and sell a full range of mini-ROV, tele-operated catamarans and underwater camera systems as well as the sensors to be integrated such as sonars, gauges, acoustic cameras, etc...Easily transportable and operable, our solutions offer a cost effective and performing alternative or support to human diving: ready to work in minutes, no bottom time limitation and capability to access confined spaces and hazardous areas, they provide real time video and data collection on the surface with integrated recording capability.



Ship hull and harbor inspection

Water dams / bridges / tunnels integrity assessment

Search for wrecks, guns, mines and drowned bodies

Diver supervision and detection

Pipeline internal and external visits

Potable and industrial water tanks inspection and cleaning

Bathymetric surveys and Seabed mapping

Flora and fauna observation

Subsea Tech has also a Research & Development division in charge of developing bespoke solutions to answer specific needs in underwater observation, intervention or monitoring, based on customer supplied specifications. Competences:

Underwater robotics


Video and sonar sensors


Underwater and surface communication

Naval architecture


  • 167, plage de l'Estaque
  • 13016 Marseille
  • France

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