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AML Oceanographic designs and manufactures instrumentation and deployment systems for hydrographic surveying, environmental monitoring, and other subsea applications. The pioneer of time-of-flight sound velocity is known for its field-swappable Xchange™ sensors and modular SVP, CTD, and multiparameter X•Series instrumentation. With the recent acquisition of the industry standard in high speed, underway profiling, the Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP), AML provides end-to-end vertical profiling solutions for hydrographic customers. Other AML innovations include UV•XchangeTM, the award-winning UV biofouling control proven to reduce maintenance requirements of in-situ deployments by preventing marine growth on critical surfaces. Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, AML’s Dartmouth, Nova Scotia location provides customers with extended support hours, deployment support, and custom engineering capabilities. AML is committed to providing the ocean sensing market with flexible solutions that minimize cost and maximize productivity.




  • 2071 Malaview Avenue
  • V8L 5X6 Sidney
  • B.C.
  • Canada

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