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AML Oceanographic, headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of SVPs, CTDs, and other instrumentation for hydrographic surveying, environmental monitoring, and more. AML pioneered the design of field-swappable XchangeTM sensors, which minimize downtime and maximize the utility of each X•Series instrument. More recent innovations include Base•X₂, which features embedded Wi-Fi and GPS to streamline SVP and CTD data collection with automatic data transfer and processing. With new CT•Xchange, Base•X₂ converts from SVP to CTD with the swap of a single sensor head, and Minos•X is the smallest combined CTD/SVP on the market. UV•Xchange and Cabled UV, the industry’s only proven UV biofouling control products, ensure multiparameter sondes and other devices maintain performance throughout long term in situ deployments. Our tagline - Xchange your old ideas - brings to life our commitment to generate fresh, innovative ideas for the oceanographic community.


  • 2071 Malaview Avenue
  • V8L 5X6 Sidney
  • B.C.
  • Canada

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