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Application areas: Archeology, Hydrography, Land Surveying, Offshore Renewables, Oil & Gas
Product categories GNSS Receivers,Multibeam Echosounders,Inertial Navigation Systems,ROVs - Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles,Imaging Sonar,Sub-bottom Profilers,Mobile Mappers,Hydrographic Processing Software,Hydrographic Acquisition Software

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Company Profile
Our first skills, provider of sensors and systems, brought us to offer a rental pool to our customers including some high level sensors acquisition systems.

Our rental pool includes sensors for:


  • geopositioning for trajectography, navigation, antenna pinpointing applications: ProFlex 500, ProFlex 800, ProMark 500, ProMark 200 GNSS receivers;
  • GIS surveys: MobileMapper 100 receiver;
  • buried networks detection and marking : 2250 Dynatel locator;
  • orientation measurement with AHRS, IMU or compas GPS receivers: EKINOX-D, Octans, Bluenaute, Phins, F185R+, SMC108, MTi-30, MTi-G-700, ProFlex Lite Duo;
  • sub-bottom profiling: Stratabox, Klein SBP3000;
  • data post-processing (bathymetric data, acoustic imagery, geopositioning, mosaicing…): GNSS Solutions, QINSy, Hypack, Coda Geosurvey, Polyworks.


Our rental pool also includes complete acquisition systems:


  • multibeam bathymetry (shallow to deep waters, from a vessel or integrated on a ROV/AUV): Sonic 2020, Sonic 2022 & Sonic 2024 with UHR option (700kHz), SeaBeam 1180/1185, SeaBeam 1050/1050D;
  • singlebeam bathymetry: GEOD Bali;
  • acoustic imagery system based on side scan sonar, for research of targets, wrecks, search and identification of obstruction, bottom classification: Klein 3000;
  • acoustic imagery system based on 3D acoustic camera, for real time monitoring, cable laying, acropods laying: Echoscope;
  • LIDAR system, for AUV navigation purposes, bank scanning: VLP-16, scan laser Dynascan.


CADDEN owns a 9m vessel, based in Pornic, available for rental and training sessions.


  • 359, Route de sainte Luce - Parc du petit Chatelier, BP 30171
  • 44 301 Nantes Cexdex 3
  • France

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