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Product Name:MS-1000
Year of Introduction:2017
Typical (geophysics) Application:Airborne, Landborne
Sensor Characteristics 
Crystal Type:Csl
Volume [ml]:1000
Size [inch]:3.5x6.5
Resolution:<9% at 662 keV
PMT:ADIT 3.5 inch
Magnetically Shielded:Y
ADC:14 bit, 250Mhz
Energy response [keV]:30 to 3000
Excess energies:Summed in last channel
Channels [raw]:1024
Pulse shaping:Digital
Baseline restoration:Digital
Pile-up rejection:Present
Sample rate [Hz]:0.1-10
I/O:Ethernet, RS232
Internal storage [GB]:32
Timestamp:GPS-based, world time
Embedded Processing 
Gain stablilsation:Software-based (natural peaks)
Spectrum analysis:FSA
Calibration:Monte-Carlo based
Output:Digitized waveforms, 1024 channel raw spectra, 300 channel 10 keV/chan spectra, 256 chan 12 keV/chan, Activity concentrations of 40-K, 232-Th, 238-U, 137-Cs (other nuclides on request)
Inspection:Webserver based realtime visualization of MCA data
Housing:Carbon fiber; end caps: Anodized aluminum
System weight [Kg]:5
Power consumption:
Temperature Range [°C]:-20 to +50
Other specifications 
Calibration:Calibrated using Monte Carlo simulated response curves (MCNP). Absolute calibration against any geometry.
Post-processing:Comes with full-spectrum analysis software. Airborne correction suite: Elevation correction, Cosmic correction and Radon correction.

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