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200WX-IPX7 Ultrasonic WeatherStation

Product Name:200WX-IPX7 Ultrasonic WeatherStation
Product Description:Reliable monitoring systems like buoys, USVs, AUVs enable operational decision-making based on real-time, site specific data rather than intuition. The highly changeable conditions at sea make offshore operations particularly challenging. The 200WX-IPX7 meets this growing demand for real-time site specific weather information collected offshore. Airmar has worked with many autonomous vehicle and buoy OEMs, to develop the WeatherStation Model 200WX-IPX7 to meet the operational challenges of this extreme harsh environment. The low power requirements of the WeatherStation make it well suited for portable battery and solar powered applications and the IPX7 configuration is designed for this harsh and demanding environment.
Year of initial development:
Area of application:Weather impacts every aspect of operations on offshore platforms, ships and in ports. Rapid changes in weather and sea conditions make monitoring of both meteorological and oceanographic parameters a critical part of ensuring safety, while also maintaining operational efficiency. Reliable environmental monitoring is critical for various offshore needs. The numerous sensors contained in the compact size of the 200WX is an attractive feature for installations where space is limit
Weather measurements 
Air temperature:Y
Barometric pressure:Y
Dew point:Optional
Lightning detection:
Rain rate:
Relative humidity:Optional
Snow depth:
Solar radiation:
UV radiation:
Water level:Optional
Water temperature:Optional
Wind chill:Y
Wind direction:Y
Wind speed:Y
Other measurements:• GPS position, speed over ground, course over ground • Three-axis solid state compass with dynamic stabilization • Three-axis rate gyro for rate of turn • Best-in-class <1° pitch and roll accuracy • IPX7 waterproof rating • Current draw: <105mA (1.2W) at 12 VDC • Available outputs: NMEA 0183 (RS422 or RS232) and NMEA2000® (CAN bus)
Agricultural measurements 
Leaf temperature:
Leaf wetness:
Soil moisture:
Soil temperature:
Other measurements:
Weight [kg]:0.3
Height [m]:131
Width [m]:72
Length [m]:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:55
Min. storage temperature [°C]:
Max. storage temperature [°C]:
Max. humdidity resistance [%] :
IP Rating:
Min. input voltage [V]:9
Max. input voltage [V] :40
Typical power consumption [W]:
Solar panel:
Battery type:
Max. operation time on battery:
(Physical) Ports (USB, LAN, RS-232, etc.):Output: Via a single cable (various lengths available) NMEA 0183 protocol over RS232 interface and NMEA 2000 protocol over CAN BUS NMEA 0183 protocol over RS422 interface and NMEA 2000 protocol over CAN BUS
Radio (VHF, UHF, etc.):
Satellite:GPS Position Accuracy: 3 m (10’) with WAAS/EGNOS (95% of the time)
Internet protocol (IP):
Other (LoRa, Bluetooth, etc.):
Display diagonal [Inch] :
Type of display:
Data management 
Logger type:
Storage medium:
Data Formats:
Real time data:
Included software:
Storage capacity [MB]:
External storage:
Housing material:Waterproof housing and cable system
Integrated heater:
Mounting possibilities:
Lightning rod:
Vehicle mounting:
Other features 
GNSS positioning:Y
GPS time synchronization:Y
Mobile application interface:
Alarm indication:
Weather forecast:
Max. number of external sensors:
Fan aspiration:
Inlcuded accessories:
Distinguishable features:

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Supplier Information
  • Airmar

  • 35 Meadowbrook Drive
  • NH 03055 Milford
  • United States of America



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