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Falcon Advanced Control and Supervised Autonomy

Product Name:Falcon Advanced Control and Supervised Autonomy
Product Description:Greensea's proprietary Falcon's control system technology integrated inside the existing Falcon topside box with an option for integrated external solution.
Area of Application:Observation ROV
Mobile Platform Support:
Desktop Platform Support:Windows, Linux
Compatible ROVs:Saab Seaeye Falcon
Compatible Sensors:
Vehicle Control and Positioning 
Autopilots:Depth, Altitude, Heading, Descent/Ascent
Dynamic Positioning :Y
Station Keeping:Y
Mission execution:Y
Waypoint Execution:Y
Real-time Supervision:Y
Cruise Control:Y
Flight Modes 
Click to Acquire:Y
Automated Target Reacquisition:Y
GOTO position:Y
Sonar Target Tracking:Y
Automated Target Tracking:Y
Flight Modes:Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
Auto-return to target :Y
Mission Progress Monitoring:Yes
Real-time Flight Status:
No-fly Zone Integration:N
Multi-flight Mission Support:N
Multiple UAS Support:No
3D Flight Planning:N
Live Weather Updates:N
Map-caching and Offline Planning:Y
Data Import Types:CSV , KML
Background Map Options (WMS, importable):Geotiff
Multi-Operator Support:No
Show Camera Footprint on Map:N
Show Sonar Fan On Map:Y
Flight Planning Characteristics 
Mission Planning:Y
Geo-referenced Charts:Y
Integrated Sonar:Y
Integrated Video:Y
Man Overboards:Y
Heads-Up display:Y
Measuring Tools:Y
Configurable Video Overlay:Y
Other Features:
Data Capturing 
Payload Manager (for different sensor configurations):No
Post-flight Data Quality Check:No
Manual Photo Control:N
Vertical and Oblique Photoshooting:N
Data Management Output:Y
Real Time Streaming Data:Y
Delayed Data Streaming:Y
Data Playback:Y
Data Archival:Y
Streaming Screencast:Y
Export to Standard Video Files:Y
Logged & Synchoronized:Y
Geo-referenced Data:Y
Supports Multiple Videos:Y
Other Features:
Photogrammetry Planner:N
Automated Camera Support:Yes
Data Output 
Export Data to Cloud Applications Tool:No
Output Products:
Replay Flights:Y
Output Files:CSV
Geo-Referencing / Navigation 
Navigation Sensors:Y
Doppler Velocity Log:Y
Turn counter:Y
Others:Compass Depth Sensor Gyro
Hardware:Yes upon request
Additional Features 
Customer Support:Standard 9am to 5pm EST Upgrade SSMT package 24 hours/ 7 days customer service
ADS-B Support:
User Interface Language:English
Offline Sharebale Flight Planning:
Live Airplane Flight Tracking:
Distinguishable Features:

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Supplier Information
  • Greensea Systems

  • 10 East Main Street
  • 05477 Richmond
  • Vermont
  • United States of America



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