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Automatic Weather Station 2700

Product Name:Automatic Weather Station 2700
Product Description:
Year of initial development:
Area of application:remote places without electricity supply
Weather measurements 
Air temperature:Y
Barometric pressure:Y
Dew point:
Lightning detection:
Rain rate:Y
Relative humidity:Y
Snow depth:
Solar radiation:Y
UV radiation:
Water level:Y
Water temperature:Y
Wind chill:
Wind direction:Y
Wind speed:Y
Other measurements:Road Condition Sensor, Road Temperature Sensor, Doppler Current Sensor, Other submersible sensors
Agricultural measurements 
Leaf temperature:
Leaf wetness:
Soil moisture:
Soil temperature:
Other measurements:
Weight [kg]:80
Height [m]:10
Width [m]:
Length [m]:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-4
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:60
Min. storage temperature [°C]:
Max. storage temperature [°C]:
Max. humdidity resistance [%] :
IP Rating:
Min. input voltage [V]:
Max. input voltage [V] :
Typical power consumption [W]:
Solar panel:Optional
Battery type:
Max. operation time on battery:
(Physical) Ports (USB, LAN, RS-232, etc.):LAN, USB
Radio (VHF, UHF, etc.):VHF, UHF. Real-time data.
Cellular:GSM, analog modem. Programmable dial-up. GPRS.
Satellite:Argos, Iridium selectable two-way communication
Internet protocol (IP):Wired or Wireless
Other (LoRa, Bluetooth, etc.):"Communication solutions can be changed according to project requirements"
Display diagonal [Inch] :
Type of display:
Data management 
Logger type:SMARTGUARD Datalogger
Storage medium:SD Card
Data Formats:XML
Real time data:Real-time or on-site data storage
Included software:The Real-Time Collector 4807 receives data from the AWS 2700 and other Aanderaa equipment, and presents it to client programs on a uniform, well documented format. Client programs can be custom programs, or the Aanderaa GeoView display program which stores the data in an SQL database and presents it on a web page that can be viewed in any browser from computer in your local network, or published on the Internet.
Storage capacity [MB]:
External storage:Y
Housing material:Anodized aluminum
Integrated heater:
Mounting possibilities:Self-contained
Lightning rod:N
Vehicle mounting:N
Other features 
GNSS positioning:N
GPS time synchronization:N
Mobile application interface:Client programs can be custom programs, or the Aanderaa GeoView display program
Alarm indication:
Weather forecast:
Max. number of external sensors:
Fan aspiration:
Inlcuded accessories:
Distinguishable features:Compact modular design, Self-contained, Rugged construction, Flexible configurations, Standardized sensor outputs, Low power consumption, Long-term unattended operation, Real-time or on-site data storage, Selectable recording intervals, Automatic transmission of data, Plug-in communication solutions, Mast height: up to 10 meters, Easy installation and rising of a 10-meter mast; only one person required, Low maintenance

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