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Submersed profiler 'Salla'

Product Name:Submersed profiler 'Salla'
Product Description:
Year of initial development:2014
Year of latest version:2017
Area of Application:Oceanography, environmental monitoring
Field of Use:Vertical profiling, hub for integrating various sensors
Languages Supported:English
Hardware/software requirements 
HD [GB]:
Operating System:
Dedicated software:
Processor (CPU):
Sensor interface and communication 
Serial interface:10
Ethernet interface:1
Analogue interface:10
Other interfaces:Optional
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:380
Weight in water [kg]:-100
Width [m]:1.3
Length [m]:1.3
Height [m]:2
Housing material:Stainless steel AISI-316L
Operating properties 
Power supply (internal/external with specs):Internal rechargeable battery pack: 60 Ah, 12 V, LiFePO4 External power supply over a seabed cable
Max. operating depth [m]:200
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:0
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:40
maximum recovery depth {m}:200
Standard sensors and devices 
Telemetry:Salla is connected to the mainland via a seabed cable. Communication over copper wires (up to 3 km cable length) or optical wires (longer distances).
Data logger:Flydog's datalogger takes care of logging the readings from the sensors, communicating with server, controlling the profiler's winch, charging the batteries and managing of power.
Sensors:For profiling various sensors and probes from different manufacturers can be integrated (YSI, SeaBird, Idronaut etc). The profiler works as a central hub and can also power external sensors such as ADCPs and forward their data to the mainland.
Power unit:Internal rechargeable battery pack: 60 Ah, 12 V, LiFePO4 External power supply over a seabed cable
Processing unit:
More information 
More information:Deploying the profiler: The profiler can be deployed with a ship that is equipped with a crane with lifting capacity of 1 ton. The profiler has positive buoyancy. It is fixed to the bottom of the sea with a concrete anchor and will stay floating a meter above the anchor. Retrieving the profiler: The profiler can be surfaced by releasing an accoustic releaser that keeps the profiler attached to the anchor. The profiler will then slowly raise to the surface and can be lifted to the ship. Power and data: The measured data is sent to Flydog’s computing backend system over a seabed cable. The seabed cable also provides the system with power. Servicing: Sensors can be surfaced for maintenance and cleaning. This can be carried out by a small boat without lifting the profiler out from the sea.

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