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iXU-RS 180

Product Name:iXU-RS 180
Description:Phase One cameras offer reliability and versatility for users looking for a full-featured medium format aerial camera. Easily integrated into existing or new setups, the camera offers maximum connectivity with systems.
Year of introduction:
Last update:
Data storage 
Type of storage:flash card, SSD
Storage capacity [GB]:1024
Storage Replaceable:Y
Camera unit Weight [kg]:0.93
Camera unit Length [m]:0.0974
Camera unit Width [m]:0.093
Camera unit Depth [m]:0.011
Power requirements:12 – 30 V DC, Max consumption 12W
Type of GNSS/ INS positioning system:Compatible with Applanix, NovAtel, IGI, GGS, NMEA
On board image storage format(s):Phase One RAW, TIF, JPG, CIR and NDVI
Type of mission planning software:Compatible with any
Type of postprocessing software:Capture One, iX Capture included with camera
Sensor Characteristics 
Number of lenses:1
Lenses: focal lengths [mm]:32, 40, 50, 70, 90, 110, 150
Lenses: interchangeable:Y
Pixel size [µm]:5.2
Dynamic range [bits]:
CCD simultaneous:Y
CCD along track format [mm x mm]:53.7
CCD along track format [pixel x pixel]:10328
CCD across track format [mm x mm]:40.4
CCD across track format [pixel x pixel]:7760
Max. integration time [s]:
Max. shutter speed [s]:0.0004
Data collection rate [megapixel/s]:
Max. across-track FOV [deg]:
Operation Characteristics 
Min. flying height [m]:
Typical flying height [m]:
Max flying height[m]:
Max. acquisition duration [h]:No limitation
Warm-up time [s]:0
Forward motion compensation:Y
In flight pre-view:N
Temperature controlled pod:N
Precision [pixels]:
Geometric calibration:Y
Radiometric calibration:Y
Training facilities:Y
Main applications :UAV and light aircraft use; Corridor Mapping; Photogrammetric Mapping over large areas; Nadir Orthophotography; LiDAR Augmentation; Oblique Imagery; emergency/disaster response; tactical/security mapping; remote sensing; commercial ortho production; Remote Sensing; Coastal; Forestry; Agriculture
Distinguishable features :The new RS Lens shutter was designed especially for the tough demands of aerial imaging. It uses an innovative direct drive concept with electronic charging that enhances exposure speed as fast as 1/2500s, guaranteeing half a million exposures - a record breaking capture rate and life span longer than ever seen before.

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