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TRL 131

Product Name:TRL 131
Product Description:Auto leveling technologic and high-precision electronic bubble sensor. Wide leveling range and high accuracy. Lie down to generate vertical plane and 1 horizontal line. Slope can be set by manual input or automatic. All functions can be operated remotely. With user level calibration function, easy to calibration accuracy. Error indication by LED, easy to trouble shooting Water proof and dust proof.
Year of introduction :
Year of last update:
Working directions:
Length [m]:0.175
Width [m]:0.21
Height [m]:0.225
Weight [kg]:2.7
Dust & Water proof [IP] :IP54
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-20
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:50
Humidity range [%]:
Mounting possibilities:
Battery type:7.4V(4400mAH)Lithium battery pack
Max. operation time on one battery [hr]:30
Weight of battery [kg]:
Recharging time [hr]:
Operation Characteristics 
Operating diameter [m]:1000
Height accuracy [specify distance and deviation]:Horizonal ±1mm, Vertical ±1mm
Configurable for machine control:Y
Dual Slope:N
Remote control:Y
Range of remote control [m]:
Configurable settings through remote control :
Auto Dial in grade [allows for a % or slope to be dialled by using a (remote) keypad]:N
Wavelength [nm] :
Laser Class:Class II/ Class IIIA
Rotation speed [Max. rps]:1000
Automatic Tilt Compensation 
Self levelling:
Self levelling range [ ± in ° ]:
Compensation mechanism and type:
Receivers and Detectors 
Receivers for machine control available:Y
Available Detectors:
Levels of precision of available models:
More information 
Main applications :Inspection height, concrete pouring, raised floor, foundation trench, pipe configuration, road covering
Distinguishable features :

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Supplier Information

  • 2/F, Surveying Building (He Tian Building) - NO.26,Ke Yun Road
  • 510665 Guangzhou
  • China



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